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LUBESERV is a brand name for maintenance and NSF-H1 food approved products sold through dedicated distributors.

Fuchs Lubritech UK Ltd - under the LUBESERV brand - manufactures a full range of lubricants used in the food industry, approved by such auspicious bodies as NSF-H1, Kosher, and NSF.

Included in the range are high performance food grade greases developed to perform as effectively as products containing Mos2 as the solid EP additive but instead of being black, these specialist products will be clean and non-pigmented.

Since the USDA approval scheme was discontinued, Fuchs Lubritech UK Ltd, with the LUBESERV brand, has played a positive role in the joint ELGI-NLGI-EHEDG working group for determining new approval systems, and as such is confident at being at the forefront of any new regulations as and when they apply.

Colour coded products

NSF H-1 food quality products are in the blue aerosol can and non-food maintenance products are coded red. This colour coding system will be applied to all product packs, e.g. 20 litre drums and grease cartridges.
The full range of maintenance products is readily available through our UK Distribution network and exported to various parts of the world.

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